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Providing qualified trade show personnel for the Montréal area.

Trade show staffing tips:

- How many people are needed to staff the trade show booth?
Booth dimensions, show hours and trade show attendance are some of the factors that determine the number of people required for the event. Be sure you have enough personnel to have your booth manned at all times, while allowing team members to take an occasional break.

- What should be prepared for the trade show personnel?
To garantee success, prepare the proper tools for your team. A brief welcome script where trade show attendees are greeted. An overview of your company and the services or products being offered. A list of questions to help determine if the visitors are good prospects.

- Is a pre-show meeting required?
Pre-show meetings can play an important part in ensuring that your trade show team understands your goals and objectives. Tell trade show personnel what is expected of them. Prepared material and trade show strategies should be explained at this point. Trade show booth personnel should be familiar with your products or services.

- Is a practice demonstration session needed?
If you plan on having your product demonstrated at the trade show booth, make sure the trade show team is familiar with the product and comfortable using it. Train your booth staff and have them practice.

-What is the dress code?
A dress code should be specified. Be clear as to what you want your trade show booth personnel to wear.

-Have trade show admission badges prepared for your trade show booth personnel.

- Trade show schedule.
What are the trade show dates? At what time will the booth open and close? Do you expect peek hours when additional personnel will be required?

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